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Blue Mountains
Blue Mountains


“To know others is wisdom, to know oneself is enlightenment.”
Lao Zi

      My mission is to help you understand yourself.  With that knowledge, you can experience greater freedom in how you live your life.  A powerful force in our mind is the unconscious.  I consider how it contributes, in interaction with our conscious mind and environment, to the development of our personality, emotions, and behaviors.  However, the unconscious is only one part of us that can influence our lives.  Beliefs, behaviors, relationships, and the environment play other significant and sometimes more dominating roles in our suffering.  Therefore, I use other forms of therapy (e.g. cognitive-behavioral therapy and dialectical behavioral therapy) to address maladaptive thoughts and behaviors.  I address problematic relationships, work with families, or advocate for a change in a youth’s school.  As someone who has grown up with two cultures, I am especially attuned to how our culture affect our lives and how it needs to be considered when developing a treatment plan.

      The basis of all my treatment is therapy, whether it’s individual, couples, family, or advocating for changes in a person’s environment.  While I may recommend medications when therapy doesn’t seem to be enough, I am acutely aware of the potential risks and limits of medications; thus I can offer alternatives to traditional psychiatric medications.  There are some problems, such as severe attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) or bipolar disorder, where medications may be recommended as part of the initial treatment plan.  

       No person can be easily summarized as having an Oedipal complex or ADHD in which Ritalin is the sole treatment.  Your treatment plan will be highly individualized to meet your specific needs.  Most importantly, your treatment will be a dynamic process in which you play a significant role in its development.

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